Becca Sutherland Photography works with some of the
kindest souls in Buffalo and beyond, telling beautiful stories through photographs.

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I love to tell wedding day stories from the anticipation of getting ready through the reception celebration. I aim to capture your wedding day in a documentary style, but are there to direct as needed. I am located in Buffalo, NY, but love destination weddings as well. 


I adore getting to know my wedding couples during our engagement portrait sessions. I aim show your love in a way that is unique to you and your love story. I love when engaged couples really let themselves shine through their engagement photographs, whether it is in a special location, or doing a fun activity together.


I work to capture authentic moments during my family portrait sessions. I love at home sessions, where we can show the true family - snuggles, meltdowns, cuddles and all. But we're lucky to live in the Western New York area, because there are so many awesome away-from-home locations to have your family photographs done that it makes it hard to choose a favorite!

The New Stuff


My blog is full of all of my recent photography- including weddings, family portraits, engagement photography, in and outside of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Ellicottville. We extend well beyond Western New York, and blog each and every wedding and portrait session.



To learn more about my Buffalo and WNY wedding photography, choose one of the buttons below!  The Process explains a bit about how I do weddings and why I include some things in my wedding days, and Packages gives a brief description of whats included, and our wedding day prices.

For destination weddings, please contact me!  I love to travel and if you love my work, I would adore photographing your wedding, no matter where it is!

Family Portraits

Since having a family of my own, I have come to cherish and understand the importance of good family portraits - not just cell phone selfies. I love showing families connecting with each other, playing, laughing and being real. Click the link below to learn more!


I love engagement portraits. I love showing the connection between two people, without the stress that comes with a wedding day. I love having the freedom to go to a few different locations, do different outfits, and have fun. I make engagement sessions as fun as possible, and am always up for new locations or fun ideas/

About Becca

Once upon a time... I was a park ranger, a librarian, an English teacher in Argentina, a waitress (but only for a day), an administrative assistant, a cashier, a massage therapist, and a few other things.

None of those jobs stuck.  I didn't love what I was doing. I stayed with it as best as I could, and forced myself to go to work each day, unhappily. I kept convincing myself that although I loved photography as an art form, I would hate it as a career.

Then I started taking pictures for others, as a favor.  A few portraits here, a wedding there, and I fell. in. love.

I found more and more of my time was spent concentrating on photography, and less and less of it on my "real" job... So in 2008, I decided to combine the two into one, and my job as a professional photographer was born.