About Becca


I am a gypsy at heart, who has wandered the world and found my home in my family. Had you asked me 12 years ago if I would still be living in Buffalo, I would have most assuredly told you no - my plans were to move back to the west coast, to Scotland, to Thailand, or anywhere else that lit my wandering heart that week. But then I met my husband. We married in 2008, and I found my stable place, my heart and my home. While I still love to travel, I love having a home.

My goal as a photographer is to tell the story of you. Your day is about you as a couple, about your two families joining together to merge into one, with you guys being what is holding those two families together. I love the authentic love and laughter that happens when you forget about the camera and just start enjoying your time with me.

My story of “me” wouldn’t be complete without these three:



Extreme Extrovert. Dog Whisperer.



Cat rescuer. Resident Imaginarian.



Expert Snuggler. Mediocre Sleeper.