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I am a gypsy at heart, who has wandered the world and found my home in my family. Had you asked me 12 years ago if I would still be living in Buffalo, I would have most assuredly told you no - my plans were to move back to the west coast, to Scotland, to Thailand, or anywhere else that lit my wandering heart that week. But I met my husband, was smitten immediately, only to fall deeply in love soon after. We married, and I found my stable place, my heart and my home. While I still love to travel, I love having a home. That’s the most summed up version of my story I have…

My goal as a photographer is to tell the story of you. Yes, I love pretty portraits in perfect sunlit situations, with gorgeous vistas like the picture above, but I know that you can't choose the weather or sunlight on your wedding day, so instead I capture your day as it is, in all its beauty and perfection, truly believing that all weather is beautiful (rainy days are some of my favorites!). Your day is about you as a couple, about your two families joining together to merge into one, with you guys being what is holding those two families together.

I like to make my photography about you more than me. I've been photographing weddings for over 10 years now, and have learned a LOT over the years. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get picture of you as real as you can be. I can give you instructions that help loosen you up, and get real smiles from everyone involved, but sometimes those quite moments when you think no one is paying attention are the best.  I love the authentic love and laughter that happens when you forget about the camera and just start enjoying your time with me.

I really love working with couples that are so crazy in love with each other that even though they know marriage takes work, they don’t care and are in it for the long run. My couples love their families, their fur babies, and their future together. While they may not feel comfortable in front of a camera, they feel comfortable with their other half there to help them be their best selves. If that sounds anything like you, please send me a message to see if I’m available on your wedding date, because I would adore working with you!


Kelly + Landon

"Becca Sutherland is the BEST photographer that there is, hands down. Her pictures are truly stunning, and she will do anything she needs to in order to achieve that stunning picture. We LOVED working with her."