buffalo boudoir photographer

Boudoir portraits are one of my absolute favorite portrait types!  I know it's super scary for almost all of us. Trust me, I've had them done and know exactly how nerve wracking it can be before the session... But the thing I love most about boudoir is the after.

Before your session, you'll be nervous. You'll have stress and anxiety, and worry about a billion little things that normally you wouldn't think twice about. 

After you'll feel amazing. You'll have this crazy amount of confidence, feel completely empowered, and feel comfortable in your own skin... And that's before you even see any of the images!

After you'll want to do it again (yes, I swear!).  You'll realize that this was a gift for yourself more than it was for anyone else.  

After you'll understand a little bit more what it means to love your body as it is. 



No, you don't have to be in the best shape of your life. No, you don't have to lose that last 10 lbs. You don't have to feel sexy, know how to flirt, or have a clue what to even wear for it... That's what I'm here for! I have tons of tips, tricks and suggestions for outfits, and will be there helping to pose you in a way that is the most flattering for you. 

And no, you definitely don't need to have someone in your life to give this as a gift to.

Cost: $650

Price includes a hair and makeup, a hour photoshoot at my studio in Boston, NY (just south of Hamburg and Orchard Park) and 35 final, high resolution digital files, and $100 in print credits towards your final product purchases.

Price does not include digital images, prints, or hair and makeup. Most BSP boudoir clients spent between $850 and $1450 on their entire boudoir experience, including albums.