Buffalo Engagement Portraits | Anne + Joe

Anne + Joe decided to not let the annoyingly raining-forever weather get in the way of their engagement portraits! Instead of rescheduling, Anne said “A little rain might be fun!” Umm, yes. Can everyone think the way you do, Anne? Please?!

We started off with some garage rooftop pictures, because I was worried if we waited to do them later, we might not get any non-thunder and lightening time (which, although I will shoot in the rain, I won’t shoot on the top of a parking garage in the lightening… yet). I am absolutely in love with parking garages. I have been suggesting it as a place for portraits for years to couples, but Anne and Joe were the first to take me seriously! You get the best viewpoints, and the wind just adds to the feelings!

Then we went to Tifft Nature Preserve, where we struggled to stand upright and see at the same time in the whipping winds and torrential rains. We later learned there was a tornado warning in the area at that time…. which would have probably been a good thing to know about beforehand…. Then again, maybe not… Because I wouldn’t have been able to get Anne and Joe to dance in the rain otherwise.

We finished up walking around their neighborhood, finding lovely little alleys, coves, and garage doors. Weird things like that always make me happy.

Anne + Joe - if your wedding is half as fun as your engagement portraits were, I can’t wait!!!

Becca SutherlandComment