2018 Wedding Year In Review | Buffalo NY Wedding Photographer

(the below paragraph should be read in a tone of extreme excitement - and like someone that has had too many espresso shots…. because that’s accurate too)

2018 was such an amazing year for my business, and personal life! I hit the 10 year mark of being in business in May, totally crushing the “two thirds of all small businesses fail within the first 10 years” statistic. Personally, my husband and I also hit our 10 year wedding anniversary in June (and celebrated with an amazing trip to Scotland - but more on that in another post to come later). We opened our office, which is connected to our house, making it super easy to go to work. For me, this means I have a dedicated meeting place for client meetings (which in 10 years I have never had, shockingly), and a place to get away from children while I work (life saver!). For my husband, this means his massage office is a simple step away (www.bostonvalleymassage.com if you are feeling a little sore these days [shameless plug]).

But more than all of that, the weddings I got to be a part of this year were so amazingly heartfelt. I feel like it’s so cliche to say things like “I’m so lucky this is my job” because what wedding vendor doesn’t say things like that, but it’s so true (which is probably why everyone says it!). You guys, I get to take pictures (something I’ve always love doing) of people on their best day ever. I don’t have to make people fake excitement, or happiness, because they are overflowing with all of that already. I get to take amazing photographs of all the moments that become memories, and I get to call it work. When I look back on years like 2018, and go through all of the pictures from all of the weddings I did, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that these amazing couples picked me to capture one of the biggest days of their life - and definitely the one day you spend a crazy amount of time planning for. I was lucky enough this year to have brides and grooms totally trust me when I say “hey, can we go out in this blizzard/rain storm/crazy wind for pictures” or when I say “I know we’ve already done all of your portraits for today, and I am totally happy with everything we got………. but you have a KILLER sunset happening right now, would you mind coming outside for it?” - and you know what, they all did. This year was rainy, but man it made those bursts of sunlight so much more appreciated, and some of the prettiest sunsets I’ve ever seen.

I am not going to describe a bit from each day here, because this blog post is already going to be insanely long… but please know that every single person in these pictures touched my heart in ways that I couldn’t describe. The pictures themselves are beautiful, but it’s the people in these pictures that make me love them. So, in no particular order, some of my favorites from this year, bride + groom edition:

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