2018 Engagement Portraits Year In Review | Buffalo Engagement and Wedding Photographers

So back in the beginning of January, I blogged my favorite pictures from all the outstanding weddings I did in 2018… And I swore that a few days later I was going to write about all the amazing engagement portraits and post my favorite pictures from those portrait sessions… And then it got bitter cold in WNY, and I started to hibernate instead. I had about 2 weeks where I had absolutely no energy or drive to do anything, and was just aiming on keeping up with my inbox, editing the sessions I needed to edit, and photographing the sessions I already had scheduled. I really just wanted to curl up with a book and disappear into a story, under the warmth of my fluffiest blanket, and drink a few cups of tea. No, I wasn’t depressed (even though to you more extroverted individuals, it may sound that way). I just fell into the most introverted part of myself, and really wanted to do nothing. My husband and kids don’t really allow for that part of me to shine, so instead I just did the bare minimum on everything else, and put my energy into my family instead of my blog.

But now I am back, and am looking through so many amazing pictures from the last year and am kicking myself for not sharing these engagement portraits before! So, in no particular order, these are some of the engagement pictures that made me swoon.

Becca Sutherland is a vivid dreamer, a closet romantic, and a wedding, engagement and adventurous elopement photographer based in the Buffalo, NY area. She loves creamy coffee, Sunday morning snuggles, and proper grammar. Now booking for 2019, 2020, and 2021 wedding dates.