Buffalo Botanical Garden Engagement Portraits | Buffalo Wedding Photographer

When you plan for outdoor engagement portraits in Buffalo in the winter, you know that you may have to change plans depending on the fickle weather… Leslie and Dave wanted snowy portraits, so when it rained the first time we planned for them, we rescheduled and crossed our fingers for snow for the next time. And man, did it deliver. However, Buffalo also delivered polar vortex temps, and we decided to change up our plans instead of rescheduling again. We decided to go to the Erie County Botanical Gardens, which I have renewed my love for this year with all the sub-zero temperatures and feet and feet of snow. What’s awesome about the Botanical Gardens is that not only is it warm enough to not wear jackets inside, friendly enough to let small groups use it for portraits without a photography fee (one of the few places in Buffalo that doesn’t charge this for small groups! Thank you!!!) but it also has a small group of evergreen trees right nearby that look amazing once there is a bit of snow on the ground - so you can get the indoor, warm pictures without red noses, and then pop outside for a ten minute outdoor engagement portrait session and get the pretty winter photographs too!

As for Leslie and Dave - we basically all laughed the entire time. Seriously, these two were so much fun! Dave seems to have the same sort of sense of humor I do, so between the two of us, Leslie didn’t stop laughing. And, as any one who has followed me for awhile knows, I love laughter in pictures. Guys, I can’t wait for your wedding!!!

Becca SutherlandComment