Intimate At Home Couples Portraits - Buffalo, NY Engagement Photography

I am an outdoor girl at heart, but there is something so intimate and personal about doing your engagement (or any other type!) of portraits in your own home. I absolutely loved Natalie and Mike’s couple session, and am dying to do more at home engagement or couples portraits!

I first met these two for their engagement session 5 years ago (how was it that long ago?!). They were married out of state, but about a year after their wedding Natalie contacted me to do an anniversary session for them, which was probably one of my all time favorite portrait sessions… So as soon as they contacted me interested in a couples session, I knew it was going to be amazing - even if it meant rescheduling it a few times due to weather, sickness, surgery and other reasons. I keep saying that a great place to do a winter time engagement or portrait session is at your own home - so I’m thankful that Natalie and Mike were up for it!!

Would you ever do engagement or couple portraits at your home? Let me know why or why not in the comments!