BSP News!!

Well, I stopped blogging back in March and have so much to share that I don’t even know where to start!

First, I would love to welcome Jill and Bre to my team… Until this year, I was the only main photographer for my studio, but have decided to take the leap and have a couple amazingly excellent photographers join me! I am so excited to now be part of a team of three rockstar photographers (and six second photographers), and am incredibly amazed at the amount of talent working for me! This means that we have extra 2020 dates now open, and are so excited about the year to come.

This decision doesn’t come lightly - I have swayed away from having “associate” photographers in the past because I have always wanted to be deeply connected to my couples, and more like a friend than a vendor (maybe a friendor?), and absolutely hate the idea of a couple booking us for their wedding and not knowing who would show up on their wedding day.

I’ve talked about all of that with both Jill and Bre, and have decided to make sure that your journey with us never feels that way. I will be updating my website to include both Jill and Bre, and their work, and making sure you get to know them through the website (and social media) as well! From your first contact with us to your wedding day, you will know who your photographer will be - no surprises or uncertainty!

While I fought against this for several years due to the reason above, my reasons for moving ahead with adding two photographers to my team are mostly for you, my amazing clients:

This allows us to cover more than one wedding a weekend.

It allows the studio to still be available even when I personally may not be.

It gives you choices of your photographer to make sure her personality matches with you, while still delivering the same work my studio is known for.

It also allows budgets that are slightly lower than what I personally start at, as both Jill and Bre have their own wedding day collections.

Since deciding to go full forward with adding Jill and Bre to my team, I have been more excited than I can even express! While the website will take a bit to update with their lovely personalities, I know that you are going to love both of them just as much as I do!


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