I am so dedicated to the idea that all of my couples get the care and quality they deserve that I will not take more than 25 weddings a year. When photographers start taking on 50 or more weddings on, it becomes hard to distinguish between weddings. You get burned out by about the 30th wedding, and the final 20 (or more) get a lackluster photographer. I refuse to be lackluster. I refuse to burn out on my last few couples of the year, and give anything less than my best work. I only take 25 weddings on so you can get the best I have to give.

My couples are part of a small group of individuals - they become friends, family, and a lot of times I end up hanging out with them after the wedding. While I strive to be unobtrusive on the day itself, I tend to become a confidant to my brides and grooms.

With larger wedding studios, or small studios with a high number of weddings, couples get lost in the mix, details get forgotten, editing gets pushed back... and back... and back. By keeping to only 25 weddings each year, I ensure that all of my couples get a photographer that not only remembers their names and faces on their wedding day, but can rearrange her schedule to join them for venue showings, help with final timelines, and be 100% dedicated to them on their day.

Oh, and I offer free engagement sessions to all my couples. I know not everyone wants them, but this is one more way I get to know my brides and grooms so I can be exactly what they need on their wedding day. Photographers tend to be a bit more than just photographers, and usually end up filling in the spots of planners (unless there is one), assistants, wardrobe-fixers, and bustle-ers (yes, I just made that word up). With an engagement session, I get to know your personality and learn to read when you just need some down time or when you just need someone to step in and help.

Below are some of the most requested information - my current package rates, my availability, a gallery of images from just one wedding (disclaimer: there are a LOT of images to look through), and my frequently asked questions (with answers!). If you already love what you've seen and read, choose the last option to build your own wedding day package just the way you'd like it and see the exact price of your perfect day, or to schedule a free in-person (or skype) consultation with me.