Wedding Information!

If you want your wedding day captured perfectly, without you having to worry about a thing, you are in the right place.

I specialize in heartfelt, joy filled, romantic weddings. I am passionate about love, laughter and memories. I want your grandchildren (in many years, obviously - no rush!) to look back at your wedding pictures and be able to feel how much love you shared on your wedding day. I want your great-grandchildren to flip through your wedding day album and say “wow, I look just like great-grandpa did when he was my age!” I want your family to look at your pictures one month or one year after your wedding and immediately be taken back to your wedding day - to be able to smell the flowers, hear the music, and feel the connection between you both, as well as your families.

My favorite thing about photographing weddings is that in twenty or thirty years down the road, the pictures of your wedding day will still be there, reminding you of the way he made you laugh during your vows, or how she cried when she read the letter you wrote for her. I love that photographs capture the seconds that felt like hours, and the hours that felt like seconds.

I am located in Buffalo, NY and travel all around Western New York for weddings.