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The Confident Photographer

This entire section is born out of countless conversations with other photographers, and the many ways in which they lack confidence - and rarely is it in technical skill. Below is a list of the One on One mentoring sessions, the workshops and the classes I offer in the Buffalo, NY region. 

I have been in the business of photography for over 9 years, and it hasn't been too often that  I have done things the right way the first time. I've made most of the common mistakes, and have learned from them. I hate watching others make the same mistakes and taking the long way to get to the level of confidence they should be at. 


1:1 Photography Mentoring

1:1 Business Mentoring - $150/hr.

This can cover any sort of mentoring - pricing for profit and sustainability, website help, SEO overhauls, contracts, social media... All those things that are the overlooked part of running a photography business. If you want to get to a place where you feel more comfortable emailing clients, are answering questions before they are answered, being found on google, or just need help setting up your price list where you have faith that it is worthwhile for you and them, this is for you.

Meetings are generally 1-2 hours, unless you have several different topics you want worked on

Workflow and Editing - $150 per meeting

  • You want to shoot more, edit less.

  • Your workflow is non-existent.

  • You have programs you never use that other photographers swear by.

  • You have clients emailing you asking for pictures that you meant to have done last week.

  • You are drowning in work, and it's draining you. This is for you.

Meetings last 1-2 hours, at whatever place you edit most. 

Client Confidence - $475

  • You can't figure out how to pose clients. You want real connections but get stuck. You have brain freeze every time a family session happens.

  • You can't get your editing to the place you want it. You have the programs, have the skill in camera, but don't know how to use it all together.

  • You want to learn more about lighting, posing, editing, or any of the above.

Timing and meetings depend upon your starting point and your goal. At least one meeting, one photo shoot, and one editing session - and a few coffees.

Full Business Confidence - $200/monthly or $2000/paid in full

A full year of mentoring. We meet once a month to go through whatever it is you are struggling with at that point, as well as chat, text and phonecall support throughout the year . It includes help with pricing, website, SEO, workflow, business, posing, client communication, contracts, questionnaires, culling, editing, and more. I will come with you on a photoshoot and give you feedback afterwards, as well as help you cull and edit your full session, as well as having you to shadow me on a photoshoot to see how I do things, and watch me cull and edit the full session. 


BSP Mentorships

I'm so super excited you've decided to invest in  YOURSELF and YOUR DREAM! I know that seems super cliche, but it takes a lot to step out of the idea that you should already know everything, and that you shouldn't ask for help.  Trust me, asking for help is the best thing you can do for your business!

As you've already seen, I offer several different mentorships. Some are just one day, and some carry throughout the year - that way I can be sure to give you the help you need, and not too much or too little.

Below is my mentorship questionnaire and contract. Please fill it out completely, and honestly.


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