You have a camera, people love your pictures, and you absolutely love doing it! So you start taking pictures of friends, and their kids, and some family, and your own kids… and then you realize that this thing you did for fun is actually a lot of work - but also that you wouldn’t dream of doing anything else. So how to move from fun to profit? How can you make this small side gig a full time passion project that you can actually live off of? Where do you get clients that aren’t friends and family? How do you make sure you are doing this whole thing legally, and covering your bases?

Honestly, you can fumble through it. I did for about 4 out of my 11 years of business. I did everything the backwards way, and look back and wish I had the sense to hire a mentor and coach to guide me through everything! Because of that, I have decided to share the knowledge I worked so hard for, so maybe someone out there doesn’t do things as backward as I did, and instead

1:1 Mentoring - $150/hr.

This can cover any sort of mentoring - pricing for profit and sustainability, website help, SEO training, contracts, social media, workflow... All those things that are the overlooked part of running a photography business (other than the shooting!). If you want to get to a place where you feel more comfortable emailing clients, are answering questions before they are answered, being found on google, or just need help setting up your price list where you have faith that it is worthwhile for you and them, this is for you.

Meetings are generally 1-2 hours, per topic

Session Confidence - $795

  • You can't figure out how to pose clients. You want real connections but get stuck. You have brain freeze every time a family session happens.

  • You can't get your editing to the place you want it. You have the programs, have the skill in camera, but don't know how to use it all together.

  • You want to learn more about lighting, posing, editing, or any of the above.

Timing and meetings depend upon your starting point and your goal. At least one meeting, one photo shoot, and one editing session - and a few coffees.

Full Business Confidence - $200/monthly or $2000/paid in full

A full year of mentoring. We meet once a month to go through whatever it is you are struggling with at that point, as well as chat, text and phonecall support throughout the year . It includes help with pricing, website, SEO, workflow, business, posing, client communication, contracts, questionnaires, culling, editing, and more. I will come with you on a photoshoot and give you feedback afterwards, as well as help you cull and edit your full session, as well as having you to shadow me on a photoshoot to see how I do things, and watch me cull and edit the full session.