Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Style?

This is probably the hardest thing for me to answer, because I never know exactly what style you are asking about....

My style of shooting? As unobtrusively as possible, with direction when needed.

My style of editing? As true to life as possible, with touch ups to enhance the beauty of the day.

My style of posing? Realistically romantic - I want real reactions, and lead you into poses that are natural to you, instead of forced.


How many hours will I need? 

This is so different for every wedding! Most weddings average between 8-10 hours, but some start much earlier, and some end much later. Please contact me and let me know the details you already have set, what sort of timeline you are looking for (first look, traditional, making it to cocktail hour, etc), and I can walk through your day with you and come up with some idea of a possible timeline. My wedding packages are all "full event coverage", so if you end up needing an hour more or less than we first thought, it's still covered!


Wait... Does Full Event Coverage mean you'll get there at 6am with us and stay till the reception is done at midnight?

No, sorry.  While I want to capture the full event, I also don't want to be burned out by the time your first dances come around (and if I started at 6am, I definitely would be!).  My full event coverage means I will arrive 2 hours before the bride needs to be leaving for the ceremony (or first look), and will stay at least an hour after open dancing starts. If there are sparklers, or lanterns, or something else happening later on, I'll stay for that too... but amount of coverage is at my discretion - if it takes a good half hour for your party to really start going crazy, I'll probably stay a bit longer... but usually an hour of a good, full dancing floor is enough party pictures for you to look at!  Plus it gives me time to wander around the rest of the room and get those candids of people who aren't on the dance floor. 


Can I add a 2nd photographer?

Yes, you can absolutely add a second photographer onto your wedding day.  I have found that not all weddings require second photographers, but sometimes it's nice to have one anyway! To determine if you will need a second photographer, you can either contact me with your wedding details, or check out this blog post


How much experience do you have?


I've been doing this since 2008.  At this point I've captured a bit over 200 weddings, tons of engagements, and a whole lot of love. I have worked in churches where they only allow me in the balcony, and ceremonies where there are no lights (and even the windows have been darkened), to enhance the candle lit path.  I have shot in the rain, snow, fog and really bright sunlight. I've encountered almost every shooting situation I can think of (except underwater.... if you are having an underwater wedding, I have no experience to speak of, but am totally willing to try!). I am a "roll with the punches" type of girl, and don't really stress over much - I just figure out a way to overcome it, and make the end result beautiful.


How do we reserve our date?

I require a signed contract and a 25% non-refundable retainer  (all of which can be done online!).  


What are your travel fees?

I do not charge travel fees for weddings unless it requires an overnight stay (anything over a 2 hour drive). However, I do charge travel fees for portraits outside of Erie County (or 30 minutes from my house in Boston, NY), so while a wedding in Rochester will not have travel fees associated with it, if you desire to do your engagement portraits in Rochester as well, a travel fee of $50 will be applied.