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If you want your wedding day captured perfectly, without you having to worry about a thing, you are in the right place. We specialize in heartfelt, joy filled, romantic weddings. We are passionate about love, laughter and memories.

We want your grandchildren (in many years, obviously - no rush!) to look back at your wedding pictures and be able to feel how much love you shared on your wedding day. We want your great-grandchildren to flip through your wedding day album and say “wow, I look just like great-grandpa did when he was my age!” We want your family to look at your pictures one month or one year after your wedding and immediately be taken back to your wedding day - to be able to smell the flowers, hear the music, and feel the connection between you both, as well as your families.

Our favorite thing about photographing weddings is that in twenty or thirty years down the road, the pictures of your wedding day will still be there, reminding you of the way he made you laugh during your vows, or how she cried when she read the letter you wrote for her. We love that photographs capture the seconds that felt like hours, and the hours that felt like seconds.

We are a team of five photographers - Becca, Jill, Jamey, Cortnee and Bre. We are located in Buffalo, NY and travel all around Western New York for weddings.

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The Difference

We want you to worry less and enjoy more, so we have tried to take the worry out wherever we can. Our wedding packages all include exclusive timeline customization - so we will help you plan your timeline in a way that relieves all the stress and worry of the day. We also believe that wedding pictures should be seen. All of our packages include high resolution files so you can share them online until your frenemy Susan from high school blocks you, and your Aunt Debbie stops asking to see more. But more than that, we believe they should last. We don’t limit the number of final images you receive. We go through and curate your final gallery to perfection, and then edit every single one of those final images to make sure you walk away with all of your memories in perfect quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Style?

Heartfelt, joy filled, and romantic. Those seem to be the words that resonate the strongest with me when I think of the weddings we photograph. We love to stay out of the way as much as possible, but give direction when needed. We try to meld my directions in with your day, so you don’t look back and remember a bossy photographer for your day, but instead remember laughing with your loved ones. For editing, I like true to life, classic edits. I don’t want you looking back at your wedding pictures and saying “oh, remember when having everything black and white except the flowers was a trend?” - I want you to look back and remember the day, not the trends.

What are your prices?

Wedding day investment ranges depending on hours, which photographer, additional portraits, etc. Most couples spend somewhere between $3000-$6000 for their wedding photography with Becca Sutherland Photography Studio. To get our full price lists, please send over a message so we can be sure we are available on your wedding date, and send you our full collection list!

Wait - there are five of you? How will I know what photographer I will have? Will someone I’ve never met just show up?


How much time will I need?

Honestly, this question right here is what stopped me from adding on extra photographers to my team. I NEVER, EVER want a bride or groom feel nervous about their photographer. Cortnee, Jamey, Jill, Bre and I are all fully invested in our couples, and want to get to know you as much as you want to make sure you know us. There will never be a point, from our first correspondence with you to your wedding day, where you are wondering who will show up, or if you will love them. You will have chances to meet with whichever photographer you choose (and is available) on your day to make sure you love that individual, and not just the work we do as a photography studio. People matter, relationships matter, and my entire photography career has been more about the people than just the pretty pictures (yes, I love those too, obviously) - but you are hiring a person, not just a studio, and I want to make sure you click with that person before any contracts are signed.

Ideally, we will arrive 2 hours before the bride needs to be leaving for the ceremony (or first look), and will stay at least an hour after open dancing starts. If there are sparklers, or lanterns, or something else happening later on, we'd love to stay for that too! If you aren’t sure about timing, you can always just reach out and let us know how you have your day planned so far and we can help come up with a unique timeline just for you! 

Can I add a 2nd photographer?

Yes, you can absolutely add a second photographer onto your wedding day if the service you’ve booked does not include one (most do!).  We have found that not all weddings require second photographers, but sometimes it's nice to have one anyway! To determine if you will need a second photographer, you can either contact us with your wedding details, or check out this blog post

How much experience do you have?


We all have a little bit different experience, but I (Becca) have been doing this since 2008, Cortnee has shot with me since 2012, Jamey started with me in 2017, but has been running her own business for years before, Jill actually has even more years in this business than I do, and Bre started in 2009.  At this point BSP Studios has captured a bit over 250 weddings, tons of engagements, and a whole lot of love.

We have worked in churches where they only allow us in the balcony, and ceremonies where there are no lights (and even the windows have been darkened), to enhance the candle lit path.  We have shot in the rain, snow, fog and really bright sunlight. We've encountered almost every shooting situation I can think of (except underwater.... if you are having an underwater wedding, I have no experience to speak of, but am totally willing to try!). We are all "roll with the punches" types of girls, and don't really stress over much - We just figure out a way to overcome it, and make the end result beautiful.

How do we reserve our date?

We require a signed contract and $800 non-refundable retainer. That’s it, and the day is yours!  

What are your travel fees?

We do not charge travel fees for weddings unless it requires an overnight stay (anything over a 2 hour drive). I (Becca) also do not charge travel fees to Cooperstown, NY or the immediate area (I have family there that I’d love to see and stay with!).

However, we do charge travel fees for portraits outside of Erie County, so while a wedding in Rochester will not have travel fees associated with it, if you desire to do your engagement portraits in Rochester as well, a travel fee will be applied.  

Do you do portraits?

Yes, we do family, engagement, boudoir and senior portraits. To see prices or book your session, please go here:

I am not taking maternity or newborn portraits at this time, but both Cortnee and Jamey run their own amazing newborn photography businesses!

Do you cover LGBTQ Weddings?

First, can I say I’m sorry you even have to ask that? Or ever had to ask that? Yes, we cover all weddings and all the love. I’m a person that loves a person, and so are you!

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