Specializing in Wedding Photography, Boudoir Portraits and Engagement Pictures in Buffalo, Rochester and most of Western NY


We specialize in weddings for loving, adventurous couples that love their families and friends, and each other, and that want to just spend their wedding day celebrating without worry about anything else. We are based in the Buffalo, NY area, but travel happily!

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Well, hello there!

You may not know it yet, but we’re going to be great friends! If you are just looking for someone to show up on your wedding day and take a few pictures so you remember the moments, I can be that girl - but I am so, so much more. I am the friend you don’t even know you need yet. One that will tell you if you need another coat of lipstick, if your hair needs an extra pin, or if the sunset outside during your reception is so spectacular you aren’t going to want to miss it. I am well versed in all sorts of bustles, veils, and heels. I will even give up my own shoes if the ground is too wet for yours (true story, this happened).

Along side me (but not pictured) are Jill and Bre - my amazing teammates! Jill and Bre are joining my team starting in 2020 to allow BSP Studio to document even more perfect days! I am so excited for all the great things in store for 2020 (and beyond), and can’t wait for you to get to know us!


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